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Hydro-Shield is a skeg mounted hydrofoil that not only improves a boats performance, but also provides protection to the boats propeller and skeg. Getting on plane much quicker is achieved due to the lift generated by the Hydro-Shield which means faster time to plane, and being able to remain on plane at lower speeds and rpm settings. As a result, a marked improvement in fuel economy at the low and midrange rpm settings is seen. Better handling in terms of eliminating porpoising and creating a softer ride in harsh sea states, and improved helm control, in terms of tighter turns and better tracking of the boat occur.
improve performance & protection

Benefits of Hydro-Shield

  • Gets a boat up on plane - 50 to 60 faster
  • Enables a boat to be on plane at lower speeds and RPM settings - 800-1200 less RPM to be on plane
  • Improved helm control - up to 30% tighter turns
  • Better handling - reduces & eliminates porpoising & softens the ride in harsh sea states
  • Fits on all outboards & sterndrives (I/O's)
  • Protects propeller from prop damage due to underwater impacts be it rocks, oyster beds, coral or sand bars
  • Reduces costly repairs due to impacts & groundings
  • Takes 15 minutes to install
  • Works on all boats - center consoles, cruisers, yacht tenders, rib's, skiffs, jon boats, flats boats, deck boats, pontoons & rescue craft
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Hydrofoil Lift —For Better Performance

A boat is robbed of its ability to perform efficiently and looses forward visibility when a boat is not on plane. They Hydro-Sheild is a hydrofoil, creating lift at the stern of the boat. This lift enables a boat to get on plane faster and to be at plane at lower speeds & RPM settings.
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propeller protection

Designed to withstand impacts without breaking

Protecting your skeg and prop are essential to avoiding costly repairs down the road and losing time that could be better spent boating.

For every type of underwater obstruction that can harm your propeller or skeg, Hydro-Shield was made to uphold its integrity, even when you run into often-encountered seafloor hazards like Sandbars, Oyster beds, Rocks, Coral, Tree stumps and Lobster and crab pots. And by protecting the prop, internal gearing damage is also reduced.
Why Hydro-Shield?

Protecting marine mammals & the environment

Hydro-Shield inventor Ken Kroeber created his original design with the intention of protecting manatees and sea turtles. Chances are if you're concerned about damaging your skeg or propeller, you often boat in shallow waters. These areas are often populated by marine wildlife, including manatees, sea turtles, and aquatic grass beds that are at risk of propeller damage and are, therefore, heavily protected.

Hydro-Shield was designed with preservation of the marine environment in mind. It's reinforced design and attachment to the bottom of your motor shields your propeller in case of an impact, leaving wildlife unscathed and your motor undamaged.
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