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The Ultimate Boating Experience

Grady-White Boats was established in 1959 in Greenville, NC, and has been privately owned by Eddie Smith since 1968. From the start, he set the bar high for the Grady-White team to achieve uncompromising quality through exceptional attention to detail. This includes Grady-White’s exclusive SeaV²® hull, which delivers boating’s driest, softest, and most stable ride. More than 60 years later, Grady-White’s remarkable level of quality and customer service remains unparalleled.

Today, under the leadership of Kris Carroll, President, they continuously refine their craftsmanship as they design and build elegant, tough offshore fishing boats. From the highest quality materials to the very best designers and craftspeople, you will find no finer boat in its class than a Grady-White. Feel the difference the first moment you step aboard, and especially after you take a test ride: it is exceptional.

Why Grady?

Grady-White designs and manufactures the best boats for sale in the market today. There are many reasons to purchase a Grady-White boat. Some of the stand-out reasons include company heritage, innovative design, exceptional attention to detail, and award-winning performance. Add to that the highest level of customer satisfaction in the boating industry and you’ll love living the Grady Life. Learn more about these reasons and why they make a Grady-White boat the best boat to own.

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Ranking at the highest levels of excellence in every objective measure of customer satisfaction
ever done in the marine industry, Grady-White Boats creates exceptionally-crafted
offshore sportfishing boats, earning praise and loyalty from happy customers for over 60 years.
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